Nyariara Njoroge

Nyariara is a Human Centered Designer based in Nairobi Kenya. Passionate about healing systems to work well for those they are created for, she refers to herself as a Systems Doctor. With experience in healthcare, education and climate change design, Nyariara has worked with organizations such as ThinkPlace and Equalize Health. She tends to help clients and communities meet their true needs by figuring out the invisible connection between people’s behaviours to products and services and their core obscure drivers. As a member at the Interaction Design Foundation IxDF, she has completed tens of courses earning her thought leadership in User Experience. Moreover, she is a Certified Professional Coach, a meaningful behavioural science skill she brings in her design work.

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What’s in Store for You?

  • 🌟 Open Day (12 PM – 5 PM)
  • 🎉 Student and Alumni Mixer (5 PM – 6 PM)
  • 🧠 TikTok Trivia Quiz Night (6 PM – 8 PM)
  • 🤝 Alumni Gathering (6 PM – 9 PM)