Learn Design Thinking

Executive Education

Design Thinking In Practice (DTIP)

3 days
Our course for professionals, Design Thinking In Practice, is an immersive, deep-dive introduction to design thinking where you will learn how to co-create solutions for complex, real-world problems using design thinking methodologies.

Customised Programmes

No two businesses or organisations are the same – the same can be said about employees, work policies, real-word challenges, and business hours. That’s why we work with you to develop a customised design thinking programme. Every aspect of the course, everything from duration to the content covered, is customisable to suit the needs of a specific business and organisations.

Introduction To Design Thinking

This is a comprehensive but compact introduction to design thinking. A dedicated team of Design Thinkers will coach you through the design thinking process over 3, half-day sessions. Introduction to design thinking course is an interactive experience that will give you a hands-on introduction to design thinking methods and co-creation activities.

Design Thinking Dash

This is a fast, fun, and concise introduction to Design Thinking. A team of experienced Design Thinkers will coach you through the design thinking process over a 4 hour period.Design Thinking Dash is a once-off teaser experience that will give you a practical understanding of how design thinking can be implemented.

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