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Design Thinking Dash

This is a fast, fun, and concise introduction to Design Thinking. A team of experienced Design Thinkers will coach you through the design thinking process. Design Thinking Dash is a once-off teaser experience that will give you a practical understanding of how design thinking can be implemented.

The Design Thinking Dash will expose participants to:

  • Intro to the Design Thinking process and an overview of the d-school Afrika Design Thinking mindsets
  • Importance of human-centred design and to experience the value of this mindset
  • Why working in teams that are diverse and multidisciplinary are crucial to solving problems and unlocking innovation
  • Certain tools and techniques


Design Thinking Dash will be held at the HPI d-school building on UCT’s middle campus. However, we will also be hosting a few online dashes.

Entrance Criteria:

Any one who has been curious about Design Thinking and would like an introduction to it before committing to our other programmes. No entrance criteria and there is no fee for this.

Course Content:

It’s a fast impactful 2 hour course covering the fundamentals of Design Thinking concepts.

What Will I Gain After This:

Grasp the concepts and mindsets of Design Thinking and understanding their purpose and role.

Course Dates:

14 September 2023 at 5pm to 7.30pm

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