Blinds & glare protection

Blinds are provided with a visual light transmittance of less than 10% for the building occupants to use as they see fit to reduce the discomfort of glare from natural light when required.

While daylight is generally accepted as beneficial by improving the internal environment and saving on artificial lighting energy, excessive daylight can also cause glare problems.

The provision of internal blinds throughout the HPI d-school Building helps the occupants to overcome any potential glare issues within their field of vision by offering them direct control to deal with local glare.

Occupants are encouraged to tilt, lift and adjust the blinds as they deem appropriate during any period which they are using a space.


  • IEQ-05 – Daylight Glare Control

The aim of this credit is to encourage and recognise buildings that are designed to reduce the discomfort of glare from natural light.

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