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Creativity in Research – Gaining clarity, driving insights, making progress

'New Humans, New Society, New Higher Education'

Join us for an impactful workshop ‘Creativity in Research – Gaining clarity, driving insights, making progress’ by Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kernbach.
HPI d-school at UCT Middle Campus


This workshop course is for researchers at all levels who wish to produce high-quality research output and better understand how creativity can help them gain clarity, make insights and produce sustainable progress.

We will look into the power of visual thinking, better understand the underpinning driver of all success – your energy – and with “the science of action” we will explore why you may procrastinate and how to overcome blocks and cultivate proactivity and initiative.

Take this course if you wish to complement your analytical skills with creative problem solving abilities so that you can face the unknown and learn from failure for (research) impact and personal growth.

For more information, visit: www.CreativityInResearch.org


The d-school Afrika will be facilitating design thinking dash for the selected students. A dash is a fast, fun, and concise introduction to Design Thinking. A team of experienced Design Thinkers will coach you through the design thinking process over a 4 hour period. Design thinking Dash is a once-off teaser experience that will give you a practical understanding of how design thinking can be implemented.


  • Applicants must be registered students at the University of Cape Town or IE University (Alumni included)
  • Applicants must be in their final year of undergraduate study or currently within their Postgraduate studies
  • Applicants must be between ages 18 to 35 
  • Submit a 250 word motivation: ‘Why do you want to be a part of this event and what value will you bring to it, taking the theme into account?’

What will you gain

  • Understanding of the basic concepts of the Design Thinking Process
  • Recall and express the benefits of Design Thinking
  • Develop empathy and a human-centred approach towards problem-solving, and thus contextually problem-solve appropriately. 
  • Networking opportunities with international students and Vice-Chancellors from leading universities around the world
  • Skills for the future world of work. 
  • Introduce you to working in diverse teams. 
  • Build your creative confidence. 
  • Teach you new digital learning tools.

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kernbach is Professor at the University of St. Gallen, Visiting Fellow at Stanford University, and Guest Professor at the African Doctoral Academy. He has worked as a manager for Xerox, a Swiss startup, and as consultant at Interbrand. He consults organizations like Nike, United Nations, IBM, and others. He founded the Visual Collaboration Lab (www.ViCoLa.org) and the Life Design Lab (www.LifeDesignLab.ch). His work focuses on design thinking, visual thinking, storytelling, creativity, and life design. He is part of the "Research as Design" team at Stanford's Institute of Design. The work, curriculum and book are available here: www.CreativityInResearch.org.

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