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3-part series using design thinking  in stem teaching

We’ve developed a 3-part series of design thinking workshops that provide you with a stacked learning approach.

Each workshop is interactive to demonstrate how Design Thinking can be used as a collaborative, student-centred approach to creative problem-solving in the STEM classroom.

Design Thinking offers an approach to getting students excited about STEM subjects by connecting their learning experiences in the classroom to the real challenges that impact their communities and lives. It helps students and teachers break down complex, real-world problems and develop human-centered solutions.

You only qualify for the next part after you’ve completed the previous part….

PART 1: Introduction to Design Thinking for STEM (Online)

The purpose of this session is to show educators how Design Thinking can be used as a flexible tool to support their lesson and improve classroom interactions with students, while at the same time aligning with the requirements of the STEM curriculum. You’ll experience or gain: 

  • Exposure to the Design Thinking process 
  • Understand the role of empathy and creative confidence in problem-solving 
  • Hands on learning using Design Thinking principles


The opportunity to access further Design Thinking in STEM training 

  • Design Thinking resources for the classroom 

PART 2: Exploring STEM teaching with Design Thinking

These workshops will dive deeper into developing the Design Thinking mindsets you experienced in the ‘Introduction to Design Thinking for STEM’ workshop. The workshops will have you experiencing Design Thinking’s use of team-based challenges to practically connect your students with STEM subjects. You’ll experience or gain: 

  • Practical Design Thinking approaches to teaching in the STEM classroom 
  • How to connect learning experiences in the classroom to real world challenges 
  • A student-centered approach to problem solving and classroom facilitation 
  • Connecting with your peers in team based learning 
  • Ideas, templates and guides for use in the classroom 

PART 3: Co-creating Design Thinking in STEM teaching

Come together with a set of engaged STEM educators to explore practical ways to implement a human-centered approach to STEM education in South African classrooms. You will use your own experiences and the groups diverse knowledge to co-create and test new teaching approaches and lesson plans. You’ll experience or gain: 

  • Using learning design processes to create new student experience 
  • How to deliver specific learning goals using Design Thinking 
  • Create new student centred lesson plans for the classroom 
  • A guided innovation process with other like minded educators 

Course Dates:

2023 dates to be confirmed

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