Motorcycles and Scooters

Dedicated parking spaces are provided for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds to encourage the use of fuel-efficient means of transportation.

Increases in the extent of single occupancy vehicles and increases in the number of cars per capita have been quoted in cities like Cape Town as proof of the growth in vehicle activity rates.

Greenhouse gas emissions from typical petrol-based passenger vehicles is approximately 60% greater than the emissions from a motorcycle. Choosing a two-wheeled vehicle can help to reduce air pollution, as well as minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

Motorcycle and scooter parking spaces have been provided in the basement in the d-school building for use by staff and visitors.


  • TRA-02 – Fuel-Efficient Transport

The aim of this credit is to encourage and recognise developments that facilitate the use of more fuel-efficient vehicles for staff and visitors / students travelling to public or education buildings.

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