Operable Doors

Operable doors are provided in the building for occupants to use for their own comfort. This encourages natural ventilation by opening and closing windows to limit the use of the HVAC system when the conditions are suitable outside.

Operable doors can increase occupant comfort and provide psychological benefits through natural ventilation, connection to natural elements and individual control over the indoor environment. This is a sustainability benefit to the Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system, providing free natural ventilation and access to fresh air.

Due to the fact that air is not recirculated to cool or heat the building, occupants are encouraged to open the doors for additional comfort and fresh air. Operable doors can also provide backup ventilation in the event of power outages or during other times when ventilation systems are inactive, thus making the building more resilient during periods of extreme and /or unusual events. 


  • IEQ-01 – Ventilation

The aim of this credit is to encourage and recognise designs that provide ample amounts of good quality outside air to counteract build-up of indoor pollutants.

  • ENE-01 – Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The aim of this credit is to encourage and recognise designs that minimise greenhouse gas emissions associated with operational energy consumption.

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