Stairs are provided centrally in the building to promote the health and well-being of the users as an alternative to using lifts.

Physical inactivity and unhealthy diets are significant contributors to premature death. In recent years, there has been increasing attention to the role of the built environment in promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

Through the use of active design strategies, we can create environments that incorporate physical activity into the daily routines of a building’s occupants.

As such, the provision of attractive and visible stairwells in the HPI d-school Building promotes their use and thereby affords occupants the option to improve their physical well-being. Building users are encouraged to take the stairs to be more physically active. Choosing stairs is a quick way for people to add physical activity to their day.


  • IEQ-23 – Stairs

The aim of this credit is to encourage and recognise designs that promotes the wellbeing of occupants by encouraging the use of stairs as an alternative to vertical transportation by lift.